Saturday, November 12, 2022

Football Counter-Programming 2022: Week 11

I've been travelling this week. I spent time in SEC country--where all of the conference promotional commercials tell me that "It just matters more." 

So, I'm deep in the heart of Football Programming on a Saturday, trying to counter-program against the thing that Matters. More.

Every week that I try to distract you from the siren song of Saturday College Football is hard enough. But the circumstances are stacked against me this week. Maybe more than even I can hope to overcome.

But in the spirit of the place where I am right now, here is my attempt.


While driving on Interstate 75 the other day, a white Dodge Charger passed by me on my left. It was a newer model--the basic body design and style that has defined the Charger for maybe the last decade or so? But whenever I see this car, it always and only calls to mind one car: the Duke Boys "General Lee" car from the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard.

The prominent use of the Confederate flag iconography on the paint job of the car--not to mention it's name makes it a problematic item. But I certainly watched the show growing up as a kid. And I owned the Hot Wheels General Lee car. (My neighbor down the street had a Bo and Luke poster on her bedroom door as I recall.)


But, my question to you is . . . what are iconic cars of your youthful memory? What car makes/models are burned into your brain for whatever reason? Maybe it is a different TV show. Maybe it was featured in a movie or a music video. If you are older, maybe Steve McQueen drove it down the streets of San Francisco?

Whatever it is. Stop and think about it. What made that item important to you? What memories does it bring up in your brain now?

And maybe it isn't a car. Could be a plane, a helicopter (for any Air Wolf fans out there) a motorcycle (Street Hawk!) or any thing else.

Leave me a comment and chime in with your choice and your memories.

And remember . . . there is no car that is going to be able to save your team today when they are fighting chancy November winds. So it is best to get into your car, drive away from your TV, and take a walk in the woods.

Until next week.

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