Saturday, September 04, 2021

Football Counter-Programming 2021: Week 2

It's a new weekend and that means it is time for your favorite returning WWYG?! feature--Football Counter-Programming. In which I spend my precious blogging time trying my hardest to get you to eschew your football watching practices for something else. And in this case, the something else are my musings about whatever strikes my fancy when I sit down at the computer. And I'll be trying my hardest like Minnesota tries its hardest to win a game every against Ohio State.

But enough football content . . . let's get into the theme of the season--which for right now is All Spider-Man All the Time.


The rumors are swirling about the new Spider-Man movie. 

Will the three Spider-Men actually show up in the film, even though they did not appear in the first trailer? Will Tom Holland's Peter spend most of his time skipping through alternate universes? Will we get any connection to Miles Morales and the Ultimate Spider-Man? Will Tom Holland ever get to be his own character without needing a mentor to guide his way through the movie that is supposed to be about him?

My favorite rumor is centered around trying to understand why Dr. Strange is so willing to bend space and time to indulge the whims of a teenager who just doesn't want to go through the trouble of getting his girlfriend to like him again. (And if Peter thinks what he is facing is hard, then he should talk to my main man Chuck Bartowski about loved ones and memory loss.)

Why would Strange use his cosmic powers just in order to keep a teenager happy? 

Maybe it's because . . . he's NOT Dr. Stephen Strange? Maybe he's . . .



Oh that's right! Our favorite rumor target is back again. And maybe this time its real! Maybe all that we learned from our weeks of WandaVision rumoring and study is going to pan out this time! Maybe the Devil really made him do it?!

But is it truly likely?

Is Disney willing to spend millions of dollars to center one of the most popular superhero characters in opposition to Satan? Does that fit with Disney's family brand?

My thoughts are . . . no. Mephisto is a fun thing to talk about and to generate Internet buzz. (And that is one of the key aims of a movie trailer.) And it is also true that movie trailers often explicitly create red herrings and diversions in its imagery to mislead. So even though you've seen it, that doesn't mean you will see it when the movie is in front of your eyeballs.

So, do you have a favorite rumor? What are your hopes and dreams for this movie? Who do you think is the best Peter Parker? Do you have an explanation for why Dr. Strange is acting so . . . well, strange?

While you think about those questions ponder this . . . which is more likely--Dr. Strange being a fake representation of the Biblical Personification of Evil or your second-string kicker managing a 50 yard field goal when the game is on the line?

See you next week! 

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