Friday, June 07, 2019

Sliding Doors for #HatofSummer

As I mentioned in a previous video, the timing for the reveal of the 2019 #HatofSummer overlapped with our planned family summer vacation. And I really didn't want to add my laptop to the list of items that needed to be packed in the car. Some said items being:

  • luggage
  • two beach umbrellas
  • cooler of car snacks and drinks
  • cooler of kitchen supplies and some foods
  • pillows (!)
  • collapsible beach wagon
  • etc.
So, there was plenty enough to already be worried about.

And I was reasonably confident in the top two contenders. I'd been watching the votes come in each week and the Skyline bucket hat and the Columbus Zoo cap were the steady contenders for the top spot. I was a bit worried initially that the Zoo cap would get a surge of last-minute voting and sneak into the lead. But during the last two weeks, the voting slowed to a trickle and I made an executive decision.

I took a risk and decided to put my "money" only on the Skyline hat. That was the only hat that I packed, with the strong assumption that it would emerge the winner. BUT . . . I also hedged my bets just a bit. I recorded two videos. The first was revealing the Skyline hat as the winner. That is the official video that was scheduled to post on Memorial Day Monday and is the live video. But just in case, I filmed a second video that assumed the Columbus Zoo cap as the winner. I structured it the same as the Skyline video and I made sure that if the need arose, I could, from my iPhone, remotely halt the scheduled go-live of the Skyline video and instead push the Zoo video.

As it turned out, that swap was unnecessary. (And if I had needed to do that, I would also have needed to post a follow-up video of me--hatless at the beach--that apologized for not having the Zoo hat with me and ready to display.) Truth be told, Sarah was excited about the possibility of this need and sort of wanted it to happen--to throw my plans into a cocked hat as it were.

Andbutso . . . for posterity sake I'll provide a link to the unofficial video that is not available for public viewing and isn't public on the WWYV?! channel.

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