Wednesday, May 08, 2019

#OfficialHat2019 Week 3 Update

The Official Hat campaign is in week number three and I'm already thinking about its end.

Not the complete end, mind you. (That may only come with the heat death of the universe. But just the finalization of the 2019 effort.

For you see, as in every year past, the end of the annual #HatofSummer campaign is Memorial Day weekend, the (still?) unofficial start of summer. At least here in the United States. I don't know how they mark summer's arrival in the other parts of the world. Probably the same, to be honest, but I should not assume.

What was I saying? Oh yeah . . . Memorial Day. Well, Official Hat fans know that Memorial Day weekend is when I make my dramatic announcement of which hat won. And I officially begin wearing the chosen hat for the rest of the summer span. In the past, I've internally fretted about whether I should announce this as the Memorial Day weekend is beginning or if I should wait until the actual Monday holiday--which is chronologically at the end of the extended weekend. And I am still wondering about that in my head. I haven't decided . . . exactly.

Whatever I choose, I'll give you a few days of warning so that you can put in your flurry of last-second votes in a desperate attempt to make your chosen hat the winner.

But no . . . despite all that I just wrote, that is not what I'm actually thinking about regarding the end of this year's effort. For you see--whether I announce at the start of the weekend or on Memorial Day Monday itself--I likely won't be at home when it is done.

We're planning a vacation trip. And so I'll be either getting ready to travel or actually traveling on those days. And if I wait until I arrive at our destination to reveal the winner, I'll have to pack my laptop for video editing and uploading purposes. And even WORSE, I'd need to pack all hat options because I wouldn't yet know the chosen winner! Can you imagine having to pack all those loser hats, only to find out that they were rejected? I'd just as soon throw all of them into the ocean and watch the tide pull them away into oblivion . . . never to be put in the running ever again.

So, as you can see, I've got some real dilemmas to figure out in the next two weeks!

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