Saturday, September 15, 2018

Football Counter-Programming 2018: Week 3

Call me a dick if you want.
Call me a Quisling. 
Say that I lack commitment.

But . . . this--specifically the gif below--is my default online response about a great deal of the political gotcha posts that I see on social media regarding Trump, any politician, whatever . . .

via Gfycat

Everyone is so desperate to find a way to get Trump out of office. But I think that they are missing the very real fact that any result of removing Trump requires a political will from the Right (and enough bloodthirstiness from the Left) that I just don't see as a reality.

Just think about where we are right now in the United States: we have members within the Administration opening (if anonymously) admitting that they handle Trump like Dudley Dursley. And others are openly speculating about whether there are enough justifiable grounds to Constitutionally remove him from office.

And every time one of these things pops up in the news, we rush to crow about it and to hit the WE GOT HIM button.

But three days later, there he sits and people sit around bewildered and ask, "Didn't we get him this time?"

Again, let me be clear. I don't' like that Trump is president. I think he is spectacularly bad at it and is unquestionably unqualified/unprepared for the job. I think the fact that he IS, in fact, the president is a reflection of a great many of the Worst Tendencies of being An American that just keeps growing and becoming more prominent each year.

But all of that does not mean that I am a willing participant in this social media-driven bitch fest that defines so much of our national conversation. No matter how many posts I throw up on my feed . . .

I asked my friend to make this for me. It is funny.

. . . it won't give Republicans a sense of the Right Thing to Do. And it won't help the Democrats get organized and grow a spine.

And you should, should, SHOULD find ways to do the right thing and to call out what is wrong and to model the best behavior and demand the best from the people that operate in our government. But I guess I'm weary of people thinking social media criticism adds up to the final straw that will break the camels back.

Obviously--and as always--this isn't new and my opinions are adding up to precisely just as much as you paid to read this.

So, go back to your football I guess.

But remember . . . you can post cell phone video of the dumb ass rally for the embattled coach that happened at the stadium. But it won't make the suspension wrap up any quicker.

See you next week.

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