Saturday, November 25, 2017

Football Counter-Programming 2017: Week 13

This is my final week of the (regular season) Football Counter-Programming for 2017. I am pretty sure I'll try again during the weekend of conference championship games to drive your eyeballs in different directions. I don't have any illusions that I'll be able to do so. But for this weekend? I'm IN IT to WIN IT! (Copyright Guy Fieri, 2012).

ANYWAY . . .

It's been Thanksgiving here in the United States. (Hi to all of my imaginary international readers!) And so hopefully you have thankful hearts still overflowing with a new perspective on the world. Or maybe you only have your belly overflowing the top of your waistband? But I hope it is the former.

As for me, I'm always trying to keep a good perspective. To not be too complain-y. To find the silver lining (or maybe look for the silver sandwich?) And this video from a talk given at my church this past Sunday afternoon helped me a bit in that direction this week. So I am providing it here in the hopes that it might help you as well. I know that it is more than four minutes long, but I encourage you to sit and listen to Rabbi Benjy's thoughts. That football game is not going anywhere, you most likely hit pause on your TV, and even if you simply walk away from the game to read this, you'll probably only miss a few failed run plays and some commercials.

So . . . here are the thoughts of Rabbi Benjy from New Albany's Temple Beth Shalom, as given during the Interfaith Thanksgiving service held at All Saints Episcopal Church.

I hope you have had a fine holiday weekend and I hope that you are inspired to approach the next five to six weeks with gratitude, an eye to share blessings, and a thoughtful heart.

Until next time . . . remember. No matter how many letters of the alphabet you choose to omit in any given week, that has absolutely no bearing on how a sports game will be played. But good for you for trying, I guess.

Thanks for stopping by.

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