Saturday, October 21, 2017

Football Counter-Programming 2017: Week 8

It's week 8 in my quest to prevent you from having a good time on Saturdays. How is it going, from your perspective? Have you filled the empty hours each weekend with long walks in the crisp Autumnal air? Apple-picking? Chestnut roasting? Leaf pile burnings? Or maybe just lots and lots of board games?

However you fill the time, just be happy that you aren't devoting your time and energy to an alma mater that only remembers you when you send in a dues check that is going to be used to buy more free weights for the athletic training facility.

But, now . . . what else should I write to distract you in week 8?

Let's see.


Stranger Things 2 goes live on Netflix in the coming week. Are you excited to see what is going to happen next to Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, and Eleven? Will Hopper move into Joyce's house and will they become romantic partners? How creepy is Jonathan going to be this time around? Is Steve Harrington still rocking the worst (but most compelling) haircut in the 1980s Midwest?

And when, oh when . . . will there ever be any justice for Barb?

Now, I have a question for you. Am I supposed to have opinions about pop culture? I am, after all, now 46 years old. Does anyone outside of my family and friends, care at all what I think about entertainment? I was talking about this a bit with Sarah last night and I am curious about it. Have I (long ago) slipped into the set of the population where only my opinions on low-rate mortgages and erectile dysfunction medications matter?

Maybe this is my midlife crisis talking . . . but am I still a vital, significant member of the greater community? Or should you just put on an ice floe now and get it over with?

Question Time: 1.) What unpopular opinions about culture do you share--that maybe no one cares that you have them? 2.) How more jumbled could I make the word structure of that last sentence? 3.) Do you feel that you are in or out of the cultural zeitgeist? 4.) Do you at all care about that feeling?

Please answer these questions in comments, if you feel inspired.

And remember . . . no one cares if your starting right tackle kills it at trivia night. It won't help him slow down the opponent's league-leading running back.

Until next week!

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