Saturday, July 08, 2017

Party Month 2017 #3: XXII

Rye Beach, Huron, Ohio

Last night I posted this image on Facebook. And I meant it as a joke, playing off the idea of look how much Lynda has changed since we first got married 22 years ago! (Because, you know . . . she's Iron Man now . . . )

But I got paranoid and worried that people would take it the wrong way and interpret it to mean that boy, how has our relationship changed and I wasn't prepared for this when we got married 22 years ago!

That ISN'T what I meant. But, let's be honest. It is still a true statement.

My 24-year-old self couldn't (and definitely didn't) know what lay ahead for him more than two decades after July 8, 1995. At the time, he was more focused on walking down the aisle to what was in front of him without tripping or looking foolish. But even with the future an unknowable thing, he need not have worried. As long as he reached his destination at the end of that church aisle, beside that altar, the rest would work itself out.

And that HAS been true.

Come what may, having Lynda beside me has made it all better, has made the harder times bearable, has made the joyful times even more joyful. Our family is all that I ever imagined for myself and it has given me more than I knew I wanted. And it all comes from saying "I do" 22 years ago today.

I did.
I do.
I will.

I love you. I thank you.
Happy anniversary Lynda--my love, my friend.