Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unknown Drafts . . .

(The first in an unknowable series.)

I find that I have LOTS of draft ideas floating around in my WWYG?! dashboard that were started and not finished. Sometimes they are rants that I typed in anger and saved for a cooling off. Looking back on them, I find that I need to delete and move on. Sometimes the drafts are simply the start of something that didn't engage my attention and needed to be dropped because I lost the thread.

And sometimes the drafts are just unfinished movie reviews of The End of the Tour that I couldn't get around to writing. (Short answer? I liked it. Let's all move on.)

But this . . . now the photo above is something that needed to be finished. Not just because the Thanksgiving/Christmas nexus is almost here and this is the time of year to be quoting It's a Wonderful Life.

I can't remember what motivated me to start this idea back in early January of this year (2016). But maybe I AM afraid of success?

(But not to the degree that I would kill myself to cash in on the life insurance money, don't worry.)

What do you think? Can you decipher why I might have started this post? Does this post in any way divert your focus on big rivalry football games this weekend? What sort of ideas do you have that never get completed?

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