Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bring it ON Skynet!

You should really be afraid of me right now! Hello?
Weren't computers supposed to have developed enough intelligence to be killing us by now?

Heck, we should have all been fleeing for our lives twelve years ago . . . 

. . . or was that supposed to have been sixteen years ago?

In any case, what DOES seem clear is that there is no clear date of artificial intelligence from those stupid boxes on our desks or from the rectangles in our pockets. 

Why should we be afraid of them when they don't operate the same way from day-to-day? We ask a laptop to connect to a TV for two days in a row and everything is fine. But on the third day, for no discernible reason at all, it won't do it? And when you do a Internet search to resolve the problem, you dig yourself into a rabbit's warren of increasingly sad pleas and circular "answer" to the problem. (Heck, some of the suggested fixes are really nothing more than modern-day incantations of mystical rituals that a Druid would have nodded in recognition of.

And why do we continue to hand over so much of out decision-making to them? Why are we still asking them to perform miracles for us every day when we can't predict if they will instead act like bullshit from one moment to the next?

 So, go ahead murderous computers! Do your worst against me! Just try and kill me. Based on your current reliability, I've got a LOOOONG life ahead of me.

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