Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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I'm feeling . . . you guessed it . . . a bit aimless tonight.
I'm physically tired, we didn't have an appointment, softball practice, family activity, or other commitment to meet tonight, so we all just sort of got home and have stayed there.
I made an executive decision to not try and do any work tonight either . . . which is not always a problem, but it has been recently and guarantees to become a problem as the months of this year go on. But, for tonight, I just don't have the interest in it.

So, I'm just sort of wandering around the house while everyone is either getting ready for bed, resting, reading (which I forced the older girls to do for a while tonight, as I thought they were spending too much time in front of a screen), or whatever. We're all sort of . . . separate . . . which is not always a bad thing. With five of us in the house, it is sometimes valuable to have your own space, even if only for a little while.

But soon the girls will all be in bed and Lynda will probably settle down for a few hours of work. And I'll continue to ignore my laptop, ignore my half-read books, ignore random things, and just continue to be . . . aimless.

Work has been a combination of impending stress (for what is upcoming) and mind-numbingly tedious (for what is happening now). I so badly want to finish my current task but I am not looking forward to the 3 other things that await me in the immediate aftermath. But such is life in the downsized corporate world of today where those who choose to put up with it are asked to put up with much more of it. Maybe I'll prove to not be good at continuing to do it satisfactorily (assuming I did it that way before now)? Who knows. I just feel like one of we few, we (un?) happy few.

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