Wednesday, February 08, 2012


There were many varieties of food in the hotel restaurant today--eggs, pancakes, fruit, cereal in concession to westerners. But there were also quinoa salad, broccoli tops (spicy, surprisingly), creese spreads, sliced vegetables, salmon, and much more.

This is a fancy place, so I don't imagine this is "normal" breakfast. But it more closely resembled a swank church pot luck or a spread of hors de oeuvres at a party. An interesting beginning.

NOTE: I thought it gauche to take a photo of the food, so no picture. Maybe I'll get over some of that tourist hesitation or I'll have no memories.

Today, while everyone else is working, Matt (Karen E.'s husband) and I will walk to Old Jaffe and look around. More pictures will result from that.

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