Friday, February 25, 2011

I want to ruin your company's reputation

So, as is usually the case when parents come to visit, something went wrong with the HVAC unit in our house. We suspect that one of the additional electric coils that kicks in when the Emergency Heat is activated on our Heat Pump system burned out. Currently, the unit is running, but it's not maintaining the top temperature we are aiming for. It's not bone-chilling or anything, but it's not entirely working at top efficiency.

So, this happened on Tuesday night. The next day we confirmed that something was not working properly and called our home warranty company to put in a claim. The system called us back and gave us the name of Allison Heating and Cooling to come out and fix the problem.

And nothing happened on Wednesday.

Lynda called back yesterday (Thursday) and finally got someone to respond to us. They scheduled an evaluation and repair visit for today (Friday).

Lynda just got off the phone with me saying that the jackholes at Allison Heating and Cooling apparently can't maintain their scheduling system intelligently enough to know that they had some sort of installation conflict and can't make it to our house. Or perhaps they don't have enough staff to be an effective service provider. Whatever their source of incompetence, they wondered if we could perhaps reschedule for Monday? (Which, in case you aren't doing the math, is five full days after the problem was indicated and the lack of enough heat began.)

Lynda probably politely told them to screw off and now we have to go back through the home warranty system to get another company to come out. And considering it is already midday on Friday, the chances of us getting someone before the weekend begins is slimming. But I'll be damned if I'm going to give any money to Allison Heating and Cooling. They are incompetent and I would like anyone who reads this to retweet and Facebook it and talk badly about this company whenever you have the opportunity.

Allison Heating and Cooling sucks. (And I'm not the only one who thinks so.) They don't know how to operate a business and they don't care about treating customers (no matter where those customers come to them from) properly.

Don't use them.

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