Friday, November 05, 2010

Waiting . . . waiting . . .

If you have been sitting around, constantly reloading WWYG?! in hopes of getting by blow-by-blow of our recent trip down to South Georgia and Orlando . . . well . . . I apologize for putting you through that.

We have been back home from our trip for a week now and I am firmly enmeshed in the demands of work and the everyday world that was put on hold during our trip. And I absolutely plan to work on a breakdown of the trip--with photos--over this coming weekend.

But you'll just have to wait until then.

I suggest that you follow me on Twitter (really, you should!) or keep watch over on my Facebook feed to find out when I get around to writing again here on the old blog.

I feel that I've really been neglecting WWYG?! and it all comes down to work pressures. But that will end at some point and I'll hopefully find new and interesting ways to waste my time here again.

Thanks as always for your patronage.

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