Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello again Party Month

Every year as late June arrives and July begins, my family enters Party Month. First up is Grace's birthday, then Lynda's birthday, then our anniversary, and then a brief respite before Sarah's birthday closes out the festivities.

And this year, as in years past, things are unclear and ill formed. Even though Grace's actual 7th birthday was yesterday, we are having the party this coming on Thursday (Lynda's actual birthday). I don't yet know what we'll do for Lynda's birthday or for our fifteenth anniversary the following week for that matter. And Sarah's birthday is still a few weeks away . . . so that is to be worried about later.

But, we know we're going to have a few of Grace's friends over Thursday afternoon, going to see a movie, and then reconvening here to have cake, pizza, and gifts. I hope that it all goes well. I'll give a more detailed report once we get it past us.


I can say that the weekend has been nice, active, and relaxing. I got to play a rare game of tennis with old friends on Saturday morning. I guess I didn't play any worse that I ever have and it was nice to spend some time with good friends outside of work and other responsibilities.

We've been out and about with the girls a lot on Saturday--playing in the backyard with sprinklers and water, riding bikes to a local park once the temperature dropped in the evening, playing Monopoly for a long time. And I got lots of reading done on a book that I picked up at the library at the end of the week (book 2 of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy). Catching Fire is quite good and a worthy successor to The Hunger Games. I eagerly await the chance to read book three.

(I just realized that book 3, Mockingjay is coming out in August. Maybe I'll buy it?)

Anyway, its been a good, relaxing weekend. I hope you can say the same.

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