Saturday, March 20, 2010

Which would you rather have: x-ray vision or the power of chlorophyll?

Well, I've waited and waited to answer this question. And I thought that it must be a quotation from some movie or graphic novel or something. But one half-hearted Google search for the phrase yielded no results. So . . . it must be an honest, if odd, question.

So, which would I rather have--x-ray vision or the power of chlorophyll?

X-ray vision is pretty cool. And it is connected to Superman, so that gives it bonus points for being an original superpower. But it isn't one of Superman's most significant powers, is it? I mean, it certainly isn't *flying,* right? And its not *bulletproof.*

But, it might be nice to have x-ray vision. I could medically diagnose all my family and friends for free. (I've got a college-level anatomy book at home.) Or maybe I could be a better rodent catcher? Or I could be the county's most requested building inspector! Even if I wasn't trying to break into bank vaults or surreptitiously see who's laying in wait for me around the corner, it might be a useful power. Hmmmm.

Now . . . chlorophyll? Seems a bit odd, dontcha think? I guess it would allow me to never be hungry again, but could I use it for more than purely self-centered means? I don't think I could use it to provide food for others. So I don't think that right now I'd be very persuaded to go the chlorophyll route.

So, I guess I'll choose x-ray vision. It makes me more than a mortal man AND as I have discovered, it makes me a more marketable hire in a down economy.

So there is your answer.

Thanks for asking!

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