Monday, February 22, 2010

LOST Links . . . at Last

The last several weeks I haven't lived up to my original promise of giving out links on previous episodes of LOST. But that doesn't mean that I haven't watched and enjoyed the episodes immensely. (Well, I didn't enjoy "What Kate Does" immensely . . . but I did enjoy it. Now . . . last week's Locke-centric "The Substitute" was the best episode of the season so far.

But here you go. Many links regarding LOST from lots of different angles. I apologize for the fact that these are (by necessity and the unalterable fact of chronology) a bit dated now. But LOST demands you understand what came before to appreciate what is happening now. Or at least that is the excuse that I am going to use to justify my tardiness.

LOST has referenced a lot of books over the years. Here is a handy site that gathers them all together. It won't read them for you, but I guess you could review this site and then switch over to Wikipedia or something else. (Or you could just read the books.)

We are heading into the fifth hour of this final season. And not all of them have been received with equal delight. You can check out this site to see how the episodes have been graded.

If you enjoy the EXTREMELY long recaps of LOST episodes done each week by blogger "fishbiscuit" then read on here to dig through the observations, themes, and ideas from last week's "The Substitute." And if you liked that one, then click on this link to read a similar recap on "What Kate Does."

If you liked the image that I used to illustrate this post at the top, click here to see other TV shows represented in simplistic/iconic fashion. (I am always drawn to this sort of thing.)

In a world of YouTube videos, someone took the time to create a new (well, new as of a few weeks ago) video that compares the original sequence of the Oceanic Flight 815 crash and how that experience has been changed in the FlashSideways world.

    I'm a fan of LOST podcasts. Over the years, I've listened to a few and abandoned some. But who would have thought that in the final year, I'd start listening to a new one? Well, you should do if you are a Hurley fan. That's right . . . Jorge Garcia has put together his own podcast where he goes through his reactions to the scripts and gives some fun insight into his opinions.

    If you want to start planning how to throw a party for the final LOST finale (coming in May!) you could do a lot worse than emulating some of these party ideas. And, given the complexity of the parties described, you might NEED to start planning now.

    If you are thinking that all the promises of answers in this final season are not being lived up to . . . well, there are people out there running a calculation of it for you. See for yourself.

      And I think I'll leave it there for tonight. Tune in Tuesday night for the next episode!


      I forgot to add a few more links:

      1. To get some insight into Terry O'Quinn's thoughts on Locke and his new alter ego, click here for an interesting Entertainment Weekly item.

      2. If you have time to watch a few episodes from previous seasons before tonight's new one, then "Doc" Jensen suggests that you focus on these. (Or you could read plot summaries somewhere.)

      3. If you think LOST is confusing . . . and you've been there since the beginning, then you'll probably be sympathetic to and amused by this blog. (Damon Lindelof tweeted his approval, if that matters to you . . . which it should not.)

      4. If you really don't care what LOST creator's have to say, then what about this recommendation from your friend and mine Chris Stewart? He likes The Onion's A.V. club coverage of LOST, which you can read here.

      And now I'm truly done.

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