Monday, October 05, 2009

More Rotten Apple

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Regular readers of WWYG?! know of my abiding respect and admiration . . . and . . . well, base jealously of a certain Mr. James Lileks.

So, file this one away in the "my life imitates his life & art" or something similar to that.

You see, I am heading back to the Apple Store tonight to try and find out what is (continuing to be) wrong with my iBook G4 laptop. The geeks and tech snobs out there are probably already throwing out basic reasons why my laptop is bad--behind the times, underpowered, plastic body, etc. But leaving aside the fact that my tech is not cutting edge, there is a specific functional problem that I THOUGHT I had solved.

When I went back a week-and-a-half ago to pick up my repaired computer, I felt confident that the faulty logic board had been replaced and it would work again. So, imagine my frustration this past Friday afternoon when I was again confronted with a kitchen tile-sized hunk of uselessness as the laptop would not turn on AGAIN.

So, do I go back tonight and ask for WHY the expensive repair I previously contracted and paid for was not done properly? And do I certainly hold firm in the expectation that I won't pay another cent for work not done right the first time?

Yes, yes I will.

But I'll also go knowing deep down inside that I've since read (on the Interweb chat pages) that this is a common problem among iBook G4s. Something about finicky soldering of things on the logic board that give way when the (portable!) laptop is flexed too much and things come loose. And after reading a few pages of these problems and attempts to repair and suggestions on how to solder things yourself and add on shims (!!!!), its a wonder that my three-plus year old laptop had made it this long without messing up before now.

So, here we go . . . wish me luck.

Oh, yeah. What does this have to do with Lileks? Well, I hope I have better luck with my service experience than he recently had with his.

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