Saturday, August 29, 2009

We pray for Peter Jackson's safety

In a worrisome bit of news, I read on that Peter Jackson met with Tom Cruise recently. The article speculates a lot about what this might mean, suggesting all sorts of film possibilities--from a part in PJ's executive producer The Hobbit films that are being developed by Guellermo del Toro right now, to TinTin, to a District 9 sequel, to who knows what all.

The point is that if Peter Jackson doesn't placate Mr. Cruise in a satisfying way, his continued existence on this earth is in definite jeopardy. So, for the sake of all of your fans out there, Mr. Jackson . . . heck, for the sake of the tourist industry of the entire nation of New Zealand . . . you must give Mr. Cruise WHAT HE WANTS!

If he wants to embrace his short stature and take on the role of Bilbo Baggins . . . LET HIM!

If he want his daughter Suri to audition for the role of Dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield . . . LET HIM!

If he wants you to be the director on Mission Impossible IV! . . . SAY YES!

Go along to get along . . . and more importantly to keep breathing.

You don't want to make him angry! Just ask any number of deceased members of the Hollywood cadre.



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