Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden update

I haven't given the clamoring masses an update on our garden lately--so here it comes.

We have harvested three family-sized servings of green beans so far. And thanks toy mothers suggestion we've hit a simple and tasty way to cook them tender-crisp with basil. Then we augment that with a quick toss in melted butter and diced onions. If it is up to me, I'll also toss in some garlic. And both Lynda and I like the addition of slivered almonds if we want to go extra fancy.

We have also harvested three or four zucchini. So far we've converted these into baked goods and some tasty fried fritters enjoyed with sour cream.

Somehow our tomato plants acquired a leaf blight that has withered the leaves and is retarding the ripening of the fruit/vegetable. And that is too bad. But it was the same over at our neighbors place as well, so it's not all our fault.

The lettuce and the carrots never grew well because the bigger leaves of the other plants cast too much shade and messed them up from the start. But, live and learn for the next attempt. I don't know if we will plant in the fall or not, but I am confident that we will be more successful next spring.

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