Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chock full o' video

Tonight's post is some text, but really, the text only exists to deliver the video.


Well, perhaps today I am textually bankrupt. (Does that even mean anything?)

Or perhaps I am thinking about concepts--always THINKING about concepts and never fully making concepts become viable, regular reality.

But, the REAL reason is that I am trying out a new camera with a stouter memory card that allow for more lengthy videos. And with lengthier videos comes the idea of video podcasting now and again. I won't go so far as to prematurely announce Video Thursdays or anything, but the thought did cross my mind. It would be something new--and I'm always thinking (but not doing) something new.

So, here is a video. It's lengthy and you can probably skip right on past bits of it--if you don't find kid-based stream of consciousness interesting. (But you will get to see brief Christmas decorations--but no presents yet, so back off Internet thieves!!)


Anonymous said...

YOU get to decide what's good? Dave's house is a dictatorship. I like.

David said...

Sure, it SOUNDS good . . . but usually I'm the last person anyone actually hears. Too much other stuff going on.