Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political Roughage

It is a measure of how hectic her life must be that Lulu hasn't taken time to provide her own comments on the Open Letter that author Michael Pollan recently published to the Next President. 

As I briefly heard on NPR's Fresh Air (w/ Terri Gross), Pollan is advocating a change in the nation's agricultural policy, with an general goal of reducing a reliance upon pesticides and other chemical aids to increase crop yield, reinvigorating markets for locally grown products, and changing the regulatory system that benefits the factorization of farming and animal production.

These are, as any regular reader of Lulu's blog knows, all topics that are near and dear to her heart and to her way of life.

If she wasn't busy single-handedly revitalizing small town Missouri, she'd be extolling us on her own methods of animal husbandry and Little House on the Prarie-ness.

Take a break Lulu! Read and listen. Then give us your opinions on the matter. 

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