Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tonight . . . at rest

I actually didn't bring any work home tonight, so I am continuing to watch season one episodes of LOST and doing a bit of blogging. I am inexpressibly happy not to be sitting at the kitchen table and working on proof pages right now.

But, what do I blog about? I've been so rusty lately that I don't really know what to do. I have some stuff from Sarah that is equally funny and embarrassing, but I've been letting her carry me on the blog a bit too much lately. So, I'll try to carry on a bit with The Clothing Project entries--but with a slight twist.

First up tonight are my sandals.

(Though this is not true of all my clothes, I promise, these shoes are also related to my mom.) She first had a pair of these Keen sandals a few years ago and loved them so much that I decided the next time I needed to buy sandals, I would get me a pair. I have trouble buying shoes, since my left foot is slightly smaller than my right and so it is hard to find shoes that fit both feet properly sometimes. But these sandals seem to work well. I like that they hug my feet well and are simply pulled on and off with a bungee drawstring. (Often I don't even tighten the bungee--except for when I want to get all fancy and wear them to a restaurant or something. If I want to get super fancy, I can even put on some socks to go with it, but that's probably only necessary when they are going with a tuxedo or something.) It's also good that these shoes are washable, because I need to clean them fairly frequently.

I bought these at a Dick's Sporting Goods in Easton. I don't think they are available for purchase over the Internet, which I find perplexing. But at least I was able to get them somewhere.

Some of you might remember that purchasing a pair of these sandals was one of my original items on the 101 in 1001 days. But please don't ask me how that project is going, because I don't know right now, not having checked my progress lately--or more accurately, verified my lack of progress.

My second item of clothing tonight is the important one--my green seersucker shirt:

The fact that this is seersucker is somewhat important, since I have always liked the fabric, thought it wrinkles something awful. Normally, I don't care that much, but every once and a while, I find that I have to iron the button placket and the sleeves, because they get all bunched up and it just looks sloppy.

But, this shirt is most important because I was wearing it the first day I started working at my job. (If you doubt it, ask me to show you my ID badge and you'll see a photo almost as bad as the one above.) I can't tell you anything especially remarkable about my first day at work. I only have vague impressions of it now. I started on June 15, 2000. I was given a cube in the same row with Flipper, GY, and Dr. Actually and until very recently, we've all been sitting with each other ever since. But, the best reason to bring up this shirt and my first day at work is because tomorrow is Lulu's LAST day at work.

I can't remember a great deal about her first day at work either, and there have been far too many things that have happened since that day to recount properly here. I can only say that I am sad to see another one of my close friends leave the building--even if it is to better, happier pursuits. All of the members of the 4Square lunch table have changed since we all met years ago and some of us have moved on to other things, but I count myself blessed for the time I've shared with each of them--from Old Navy and Jack way back in the day to Jack and Lulu and Flipper and Dr. Actually and Shirtless, to the departure of Old Navy and Jack, then the addition of Spec and Raisinette, then the subtraction of Spec, and now with the addition of DG and BH and MS.

People have come and gone, will continue to come and go, and I've had the richer life and experience because of it. So, thanks to everyone for being who you are. And much good luck to you Lulu as you head out to "Hot Waffles." Keep blogging!


Anonymous said...

David, you can now buy Keen sandals from the LL Bean catalog, or one of those type outlets. I've been saying for years that I'm going to buy another pair, just because I want another color, not because they are in any way worn out. Love ya!

by the way, whats the point of this word verification below, can't anyone on this site see this "word"?

David said...

Mom, you're right that any person reading the site can see the word verification and therefore is allowed to comment.

This additional step is inserted on many blog snd other websites to prevent automated spamming robots from clogging up sites. Imagine if these comments were sent to sites like mine (or much more important writers). It would clog up the bandwidth of the server and likely crash the site, rendering it useless. Since these robots can't "see" the word verification, it serves aa a barrier from this type of automatic spam attack.

I hope it's not an obstacle for anyone. It serves as a precaution.