Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Random Ephemera!

It's a Why Won't You Grow specialty--bringing you the stuff vomited up by the internets when I've got nothing better to say.

So, here we go.


There is always room on my blog for news about Spiderman 3. Did you know that the movie is coming out in May 2007? Well, it is and I'll be there to see it. There is a strong likelihood that I'll be pestering you about it much more as the months proceed.

True story: Just yesterday I was thinking about the fact that December is almost upon us and that this means the year is almost over. So, you might think I began woolgathering about my life, my accomplishments, the things my kids have achieved and learned in the past twelve months, right?


The first thing that occurred to me was: "Hey, if 2007 is almost here, that means that Spiderman 3 is almost here." I guess the lesson here is that some people waste a wonderful life.

But, if you, like me, enjoy each and every random bit of movie progress coming out of the Tobey Maguire/Sam Raimi camp, you might appreciate this new teaser trailer poster image.


More randomly--if you watch Studio 60, but think it's too Sorkinesque for your ultimate liking, or if you want to hear what a real writer's room on a REALLY good show sounds like, you should check out this post on Slate, which describes the awesomeness of Battlestar Galactica and gives you access to a podcast of the writers at work.


If you are interested/worried about the future of HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and good ole regular DVD, then you should read this Slate article claiming that you should simply relax because on-demand downloads directly over the internet or cable line is the wave of the future. I hope they are right . . . as I don't want to replace all my DVDs (and I don't have that many!) and I haven't YET committed to buying an HD TV. When will I do that? Will it be the next time I purchase, which could be within a year?


And well, it wouldn't be a post without some sort of reference to LOST, right?

Well, I think even those of my readers who dislike LOST (Lulu) or simply don't watch (Dr. Actually, Cordelia, and Jack), I think you might like this post. Think the show has too many unanswered questions and have little faith that the answers will be forthcoming? Well, you've got nothing on these web heads, who have listed everything that has yet to be resolved.

It's quite an extensive list of mysteries.

Have fun getting angry!

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lulu said...

I've never seen Lost. What I dislike are the near-constant references to it and, especially, the ne'er ending, yer-digging-way-too-deep-stoner analyses of every friggin' utterance and visual.

And now, the ultimate blaspheme! Get those punks off of that LOTR box....