Thursday, September 14, 2006

Saving the Best for Last? Not Really.

Now I'm wrapping up my 2006 Fall TV Preview posts. You can read part one, part two, and part three first.

But all good things must come to an end and that means I'm ending with the newly formed CW Network, a hybrid of the best (?) shows from UPN and the WB.

For me that means Smallville. For others, it might mean America's Next Top Model or Gilmore Girls. Recently I've become a fan of Veronica Mars, so add that to my list.

But, let's go break it down day by day.


I've never liked 7th Heaven and I never will. So, there's nothing interesting for me at 8 pm. But you might like Runaway at 9 pm. Because, beneath the surface of this "normal" family, there's something else going on! Totally unexpected! Frankly, I'm a little afraid that the most innovative thing about this show is that it is set in Iowa.


Surely this is the CW's strongest night, with Gilmore Girls on at 8, followed by Veronica Mars at 9. Gilmore is beloved by many, but it's creator, writer, producer, director, and guiding light Amy Sherman-Palladino is gone after a bit of a contract dispute with network honchos. Will the show be as good with her out of the picture? Some reports say that the actor are actually loosened up by her absence of auteurism. I'll leave it up to the fans to say yea or nea.

Speaking of fans, there is Veronica Mars. It is a show that has lots of people standing up to praise it--famous people like Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Kevin Smith (he had a small part in the season two premiere). But can the show actually draw enough viewership in its third season to stay alive? It seems that the actors are cautious in their optimism. Here's hoping from this person. Lynda and I are trying hard to zoom through season two on Netflix to catch up when season three begins in a few weeks.


On this night we've got America's Next Top Model and One Tree Hill. Top Model might be FIERCE! but I'd rather watch Project Runway or Top Chef on Bravo. And One Tree Hill is something like The OC meets basketball with cheaper production values. Moving on . . .


Now we're getting somewhere, because on this night we see the return of Smallville. The constant thrust of the HoYay! might not be there anymore, but it's still about Superman and it's still got Sexy Lex and it's still got Alison Mack. Plus this year, say hello to young Jimmy Olsen and the dude that will grow up to be the Green Arrow! Are you excited?!

But you could hang around after Smallville and watch Supernatural. It's sort of like The OC and the X Files (but without the pretty, pretty Gillian Anderson).


The CW's Friday night show is such a letdown that I won't waste any more words on it:


Lots of sitcoms on this night--Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game, and a repeat of America's Next Top Model. Face it America, everyone is watching either Fox's animated comedy block or NBC's football. The CW should save their money . . . move Everybody Hates Chris to another night and show a test pattern.


So, now that I've gone through everything, you're wondering "Great Burb! Thanks for dropping all the knowledge on us. But what are YOU going to watch during the week?"

Well, here is my potential TV lineup:

Monday I might watch "How I Met Your Mother" @ 8:30, but it'll probably conflict with getting the kids in bed. So it'll be sporadic at best, I'm thinking. But I am definitely interested in "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" (NBC @ 10).

Tuesday I don't normally watch much TV on this night as we are usually driving back and forth from our Hilliard bible study group. But I'll be taping "Veronica Mars" (CW @ 9) and watching it before I go to bed.

Wednesday I'll most definitely be watching "LOST" on ABC @ 9 pm and might stick around to see if "The Nine" is at all interesting @ 10. But nothing else is Must See for me.

Thursday I am assuming that "Smallville" is now being broadcast at the same national timeslot all across the country now that UPN and the WB have merged. So that means I'll be taping that @ 8 pm while the kids are getting tucked in. Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to tape either "My Name is Earl" or "The Office" which are on NBC during that hour. And that is a shame, because I would LIKE to watch those shows. Maybe THIS will help? I didn't stay connected to CSI (CBS @ 9) this past season, but that is probably the only other show that I'd go out of my way to watch on this night. But, if I really want to watch CSI, I'll have to wait until 10 pm to watch the taped episode of "Smallville." It just begins to get too complicated, you know?

Friday Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica . . .

Saturday Meh. Maybe I'll read books this night or do something constructive. Then again, maybe I'll watch football and stare at dust motes. Or maybe I'll play a card game with my lovely wife.

Sunday I try to watch "The Simpsons" now and again, but the show has lost its fastball in recent years. Plus, its on during that kid bedtime hour and I'm not going to devote my VCR to taping it.

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