Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Solar Sailing

Originally uploaded by PRPL33.
I found this image on a web site today.

It looks pretty cool and I am a bit surprised that Dr. Actually hasn't already alerted me and Perk to this upcoming event.

We space nerds have to stick together, after all. Click on the post title to read the original article.


Jack Thunder said...

but wouldn't this be very, very, very SLOW???

isn't this like someone inventing the rowboat and giving it to Christopher Columbus and saying "Go! Explore!"

i don't get it.

Jack Thunder said...

well, this just in: the mission failed.
perhaps the universe knows something we don't.
(or: Soviet ballistic missiles are over-estimated?? Whaa?? That's never happened!)

i just heard that the thing could achieve "amazing velocities" and even "reach Pluto in 5 years" which certainly seems quite fast. but someone needs to explain this to me.