Sunday, October 02, 2022

Football Counter-Programming 2022: Week 5

Sorry that I didn't get a post prepared for yesterday. It was definitely a necessity to try and distract you from college football yesterday, as conference play began. (Or so I read. I can confidently tell you with al truthfulness that I did not watch college football yesterday. One--because I only watch streaming services now and none of them offer sports. And two--because I was busy all day with a marching band competition. Which is the ultimate way to distract yourself from football of all types and all skill levels.)

Butso . . . yeah . . . yesterday was all about marching band and coordinating the event (or more accurately being available to those who were doing a lot more than me and making sure that I was helpful) and hosting and then serving the crowds and then setting up for the North performance and then breaking it all down and going home.

But I talk about marching band probably too much on this channel when I write, so, to be honest, I don't have lots more to say. I can tell you that I am tired and that my back hurts. And I just want to take the afternoon to rest and try to relax and recover.

Sorry I don't have lots of ammunition to serve as a distraction. But if I've learned one thing over the years . . . you can't truly distract Americans from football. Especially if you are trying to do it on a Sunday.

So, go ahead, I guess. Enjoy your football today. 

But don't think I am admitting defeat.

I'm recovering my energy and I'll be ready to fight tooth and nail next Saturday prevent you from watching football. So enjoy it while you can. 

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