Saturday, September 24, 2022

Football Counter-Programming 2022: Week 4


I love architecture.

I love looking at it. I love getting occasional times to tour office skyscrapers or stupidly expensive but amazing homes. I like to think about living in one of these showcases. Would I enjoy it?

I love watching documentaries on extreme homes. (There are some on Netflix. I'm also watching one on Apple +.) It was from the Apple + series that I learned about Gary Chang's "Domestic Transformer" home in Hong Kong.

And let me tell you, I am in love with this place.

It is so innovative. So unique. Such a wild response to a very difficult living space that turns it into something so amazing and lovely.

I won't write much more about this because I want you to spend the time watching this video. Really soak in the design of this place.

So . . . really . . . that's it for this week. Watch this video. Learn more about architecture. And DON'T watch any football today. Because if your team can't change on a dime and respond to their opponent as quickly as Gary Cheng can go from sitting room to kitchen . . . well . . . your team is gonna lose anyway.

Until next time!

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