Thursday, June 06, 2019

#OfficialHat2019 Week 5 Update

(I'll admit that I am writing these last few #HatofSummer posts after the fact. Things hit on vacation quickly as I was ending the weekly videos and then wild things happened at work that distracted me pretty well for several days.)

The final hat of summer choice for 2019 circles back again to the beginning. It's the Skyline Chili bucket hat, a dark horse favorite of my own because of its differentness.

I've tried to take to hear the criticism of the last few years that my hats are all too much the same. Just another variation on a baseball cap. (But I'm not taking it enough to heart to truly consider entering a fez into the competition or a wildly costume-like novelty hat.) And yet it is true that all hats prior to 2018's trilby winner were just baseball caps with different logos, or maybe a wool version of the same.

And as I'm getting older, perhaps I can pull off more "sophisticated" hat styles. An almost fifty-year-old man doesn't need to necessarily dress like a college-aged frat boy.

How does any of this synchronize with option #5--the bucket hat?

Well, clearly it doesn't. At least not for this year. But I'm thinking about what comes next.

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