Thursday, June 06, 2019

#OfficialHat2019 revealed

It's been a good year of #HatofSummer efforts and video making. And I'm happy that we had another good year of voting from old fans and some new faces as well.

But I am sad (spoiler coming) that the Ireland hat just couldn't put together a good enough run of play this year to come out on top. I'm beginning to think that I'll be entering this hat into competition for many years in the future only to see if disappoint each and every time. But then again, I should not be influencing future voters with my own perspective.

The 2019 effort was notable for a few things: my addition of custom-made and swappable intro and outro segments for many of the hat videos. (And that I bit the bullet and decided to use copyrighted music when making those items as well.) It added some more personality to the videos themselves and, happily, did not result in any red flags or strikes on my account by the rights holders. I hope that my little project gave the artists a small bit of revenue.

And if you have thoughts or suggestions about how I could improve upon this direction for next year's campaign, please leave me a comment.

I also liked the additional use of the #HatofSummer teaser photo (see above) that was included in the reminder videos each week and featured as iconography--of sorts--in these blog posts. I'll think about how to do similar things next year.

Finally, I hope that next year's effort will ultimately feature some custom #HatofSummer artwork from Sarah--when she has time to create it. She's expressed interest and I've love to have it some day.

But--now--on to the winner of this year's campaign!

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