Thursday, April 25, 2019

#OfficialHat2019 First Reminder

I've been doing these Hat of Summer videos for a while now. And I've tried to get a little bit better at them each year. But I'm always hampered by the limitations of the video editing software that I can get for free. (I don't want to spend money on a truly powerful suite of video editing tools when I a.) don't have the video equipment that truly demands it, and b.) I only really worry about making videos for about five weeks a year. 
So, my adjustments are minor. One year it was adding an intro title sequence. One year it was experimenting with outros and cards. One year I was working on embedding links within videos--back to other videos, etc. (But then YouTube made a lot of those features unavailable for mobile phone users. I still do lots of those things, but you probably don't even notice. I assume that most people watch their random YouTube videos on a mobile platform rather than on their desk machines.)

This year, I've added some actual music clips to my videos--both the intro and the outro. I didn't think about doing it with the official kick-off video so that one remains in the style I created last year. But with each new video for the rest of the 2019 voting season, I'll switch between a couple of different music choices that are paired for the intro and the outro.

I hope you enjoy the change.

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