Saturday, April 20, 2019

#OfficialHat2019 Begins! Vote. Vote. VOTE!

It's finally ready to get started! My #OfficialHat2019 campaign officially begins today with the launch of my first official video of the #HatofSummer voting season.

The rules--

a. Please watch today's video (recorded by Hannah in the car while I was driving the two of us to the Rec Center for swimming and gym time). It gives you a basic breakdown of the rules--of which there are few.

b. Once you've watched the introduction video, use the Google Forms link in the video information area to go and watch the individual videos for each of the hat candidates for this year.

c. MOST IMPORTANTLY cast your vote for the hat that you want me to wear exclusively this summer. The Google Forms page provides a series of voting options for each of the five hat choices.

d. As I said . . . please, please feel free to vote frequently. I want hundreds of votes cast by rabid fans. I want fistfights in the streets as each hat tribe struggles for supremacy. Set up a reminder on your phone and set that reminder frequency for daily. Heck . . . why not hourly? What else is more important?

e. The voting will be open between today and the Memorial Day weekend. At that point, I will close down the voting and I'll make a "reveal" video that announces the final choice.

Thank you for participating and please do let your friends and neighbors know. I want everyone to weigh in.

Here is today's official kick-off video.

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