Saturday, September 29, 2018

Football Counter-Programming 2018: Week 5

It's week five! Are you still watching football on Saturdays? But the weather is actually, truly getting nice now! The leaves are starting to (or maybe are) change. There is a crispness in the air! There was got to be something more fun for you to be doing.

Take me for example.

I'm currently in/on my way to Lebanon, Ohio to help Grace's high school marching band with their first marching band competition of the season. I'll be awash with sound, hopefully, some bring sunshine, and an enjoyable afternoon and evening. And it'll have all the best things about football games (the band) with none of the less enjoyable things (the actual football).

In light of that, I'm linking today to my entry into this year's Fall TV preview to carry to content load this weekend. (Yeah . . . I'm still writing these posts--even if I can barely get my heart into it anymore.)

So, please click the link placed below the image below to take a look at my entry this year.

Click here to view the post.

Thanks for stopping by again this weekend and remember . . . no matter how much film and video study your alma mater's right tackle does next week, he probably won't pick up that blitz package in time . . . or . . . something like that.

Go outside!

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