Saturday, October 28, 2017

Football Counter-Programming 2017: Week 9

Today . . . I'm pretty tired.

For reasons:

And so, because of that, I'm going to keep the Counter-Programming short and sweet this week. In fact, I'm going to rely on Hank Green to fill in the majority of the content this week in my stead. Not simply because it reduces my need to think, and not simply because it is full of good thoughts. 

But most importantly because I strongly agree with his point. I've said many times at work that we cannot let the Perfect become the enemy of the Good. Call it expediency if you wish. Call it strategy if you must. Sometimes it is simply a necessity. But I also think that it is good practice.

Here's Hank to explain more:

Thanks for stopping by again and I hope to see you next week. But until then, please remember. No amount of practice will help your team if they are 0-6 and have just fired their coach. Sometimes you've got to move on to next season.