Monday, August 01, 2016

Not so Smartie After All

Last Friday when I came into work, I found this sitting on top of my filing cabinet.

Though I do have a history of eating food from strangers here in the office,* I did not choose to eat these, because I have never liked the Smarties candies. They are nothing but slightly chalky sugar pills and are gritty and have no chocolate in them and . . . gross.

So, I turned my back on them (literally, since my desk chair faces away from the cabinet and settled down to work.)

After several hours of diligent pointing and clicking, Darryl (my boss and former Canadian) came by and checked to see if anyone had eaten any of the candies. Since there were not many people working in my row on this summertime Friday afternoon, and since I am too good for Smarties candies, the answer was no.

Then Darryl informed me that--as the cabinet so clearly pointed out--these were Canadian Smarties, so maybe they are different. He encouraged me to set aside my preconceptions and give them a try. Which I did.

And guess what?

These Canadian Smarties are great! They are far superior to the American sugar-based Smarties that are terrible. Our north-of-the-border friends have wisely put chocolate in their sugar shells, vastly improving the taste and experience of these lovely little candies. They are like slightly-harder M&Ms and I can definitely get behind that.

So, I guess I learned that you can't judge a candy by its candy-coated shell (or its labeling).

* My history of eating stranger-provided food in the office aside, I STILL could not bring myself to sample any of the leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the break room this Monday morning. They had been sitting there since last Friday! My doughnut-love DOES have some limits!

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