Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The most interesting/challenging part of doing today's video was trying to figure out how to set up my dinky camera phone without a tripod to capture the time lapse bit of me sanding the bench beams.

My first thought was to prop the camera up on a shelf, but that put the lens too high and didn't give any view of the beams themselves. And so I next tied a pretty precarious perch on a propped wheelbarrow strut, where the camera was raised up slightly by a upturned bucket. But it was much too wobbly and the camera surely would have fallen over.

So, I moved over to the small tower of cinderblocks that I've been gluing together and found that to be a good height to work from. And then I found an unused box--with a slight indentation that fit well enough to cradle the sideways phone just enough to hold it securely in place.

All very jerry-rigged, to be sure.

But it worked anyway.

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