Monday, May 09, 2016

An artist's life

Art installation on the Fort Hayes campus; Photo credit: me

Sarah and I attended her art portfolio class orientation on Thursday evening. Her class meets in the Shot Tower, on the Ft. Hayes campus--one of the oldest spots in the Columbus area. (Click on the link in the photo caption to learn more.) Plus, its across the street from the Kroger bakery--so the air always smells great.

She met with her other classmates to listen to Mrs. Akers explain the expectations of this two-year course and get perspective on what will happen through her remaining high school experience. Next year is going to be about a lot of basics and I thought it sounded kind of like how boot camp breaks you down and builds you back up the way they want you to be. Sarah says that she is cool with that, but I hope you will stay positive when they are spending two months on how to properly draw a line . . .

Still, these basic techniques are very important. And Mrs. Akers emphasized that strongly--that no matter what you may end up doing some day and whether or not you work with charcoal or a mouse later in your career, you have to know basic techniques that apply to all matter of media.

We also heard much about the upcoming summer project--a sketchbook preparation task in which Sarah fills up one or more sketchbooks with her artistic impressions, completes research on art schools, museums and artists, art festivals, art career opportunities, and her own spur-of-the-moment thoughts. It sounds like a fun way to get Sarah to keep her eyes open and her mind engaged this summer--plus it gives Mrs. Akers a window into the minds of her new class of students. Sarah herself seems excited by the prospect and whenever you can get a teenager excited about summer homework, well . . .

I personally hope this assignment creates chances for us to visit museums, festivals, and to break out of our routine this summer. There are definitely museums within driving distance that I want to visit.And I hope Sarah fills that book up with sketches, notes, thoughts, ticket stubs, museum brochures, and more.

I am happy with Sarah's attitude about this class and I really hope it pushes, stretches, and challenges her over the next two years. If she sinks herself into this work, I really do believe that it can help her get into an art school like she wants and that it will help us find a way to pay for it.

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