Saturday, January 18, 2014

LOST Rewatch: In Translation
Nope. Not a Hurley episode again. (But be patient friends. It is soon.) This episode gives us more information about the quarreling Koreans, those Cranky Kwons--Jin and Sun.

And the fighting is first off the jump in this episode as Sun decides to wear a revealing bikini on the beach, but Jin immediately wants to enforce that modesty. Sun does look remarkable in that bikini, which makes me wonder 1. If it fits her so well, is it hers and therefore when did Jin ever expect her to wear it? In a hotel bathroom? And 2. if it is not hers, it is pretty improbable that it would fit so well, right ladies?

So . . . the Kwons get into another public fight, which makes all the English-speakers around uncomfortable. For some reason, Michael steps in and tries to stop it all. This causes Sun to intervene herself, slapping Michael and giving him a warning stare to stay away--you don't know what Jin is capable of!

The Flashback reminds us what Jin is capable of: loving Jin, convincing Mr. Paik to overlook his humble origins to grant marriage permission, working for Mr. Paik in whatever sinister capacity he is told, and delivering messages. (Easter Egg image of Hurley on Korean TV in the background.)

But the message delivery to the Korean Energy Secretary needs to be less wordy and more bloody. So Jin returns and prevents White Suit hitman from killing the government official. Jin beats him bloody instead. Now Jin knows the kind of man he is working for but be won't tell Sun of the true nature of his work for Mr. Paik. Jin is a good man in a bad situation. 

Speaking of bad situations, the raft burns. And Michael suspects Jin of doing the deed. Because Jin has always resented Michael (for the watch incident--which was a misunderstanding--and for his more than usual interest in Sun--which is not so much of a misunderstanding, really). And, to be fair, Jin does have burns on his hands and arms, so things don't look so good. Shouts are made, Michael punches Jin and many, many misunderstandings occur . . . because Jin can't speak English and it is a real problem.

Yet, as Jin is being attacked, Sun finally steps in to shout (in ENGLISH) that Michael needs to STOP and that Jin DIDN'T DO IT! The burns were the result of him trying to put out the fire.

Also, Locke gives his first inspirational speech to the group by reminding them that there are Others on the Island who have hunted them, attacked them, killed them. It's likely THEM who burned the raft. So stop blaming each other and lets quit acting like they are all alone.

(What we later learn in a quiet scene in the caves is that Locke figured out that Walt set the fire. He asks the boy why. Walt replies that he is tired of moving from place to place and that he likes the Island and wants to stay here. Locke agrees that he also likes the Island and promises not to tell on what Walt did.)

After the shock of Sun's language revelation dies down, Michael begins to rebuild the raft. And Jin--who has refused to reconcile with a contrite Sun and is living at the beach alone--volunteers to help him rebuild. Sun takes on her own new-found singleton status to strut around the beach in whatever bikini she wants.

So, I guess the viewers all win.

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