Saturday, January 25, 2014

LOST Rewatch: Adrift

When last we left LOST, Jack and Locke were in a stand-off with our new pal Desmond down in the Hatch station thing. The other Lostaways were hanging out in the Caves and trying to figure out why all of their so-called "leaders" were running around in the jungle late at night when the Others were supposedly endangering everyone. And they did not yet know of the fate of Michael, Jin, Sawyer, and Walt on the raft of doom.

But this episode--as the title suggests--spends lots of time with the remaining rafters. Well, at least it spends a great deal of time with Michael and Sawyer. Jin (who, as you may remember from the end of season 1, dove into the water to save Sawyer after he was shot by the boat-goers) was not found anywhere in the vicinity of the raft.

Not that Michael and Sawyer were looking for him that hard in the night. Michael, of course, was shouting for Walt at every opportunity. And Sawyer was getting a headache from Michael's shouting while also bleeding quite a bit from a shoulder bullet wound. And also . . . the raft is in pieces and Michael and Sawyer are uncomfortably occupying a piece of it not much bigger than they are.

These two fight like the Bickersons . .  about everything:

  1. whether Sawyer can dig the bullet out with his fingers (turns out he can), 
  2. whether Michael should keep shouting (he's doing it to try and signal to Walt that he's still alive--but Walt can't hear), 
  3. whether or not there are sharks in the water (they think there is at least one), 
  4. whether or not the gun will work once dunked in the ocean (not really?), 
  5. whether or not they can exist on the same bit of broken raft (most of the time they cannot and at one point they simply float next to each other on separate pieces with sullen expressions), 
  6. who is to blame for bringing the boat in that kidnapped Walt (Michael blames Sawyer for demanding to use the signal flare and Sawyer thinks they had no idea that these people were not on the up-and-up). 
Generally, things are bad is what I'm saying.

Back on the Island, we get another view of what is going on in the Hatch--at first from Locke's point of view as he enters the hallway at the bottom of the open shaft, takes off his shoes for more stealthy movement (which Jack later sees), tries to puzzle out the banks of outdated computers, and eventually encounters an angry, crazed Desmond who has Kate at gunpoint. Desmond ties her up and locks her in a closet room. But she escapes, finds the pantry stocked to the gills with food of all sorts, luxuriates over the taste of a chocolate Apollo candy bar, then begins to escape through the ceiling duct works.

From that vantage point, Kate sees Jack enter the Hatch station and listens as Jack and Locke bicker over destiny and as they try to sort out what Desmond is actually up to. But we are going to leave her up there for a while and move on to some other things.

Such as, what is happening back on the ocean? Well, Michael and Sawyer have caught the current that delivered them back to the Island. And they are happy to at least be alive. But as they are clambering back through the surf onto the shore, who should run up but Jin? With his arms tied behind his back. And he seems scared. He's shouting about something, but since it is in Korean, it is hard to make out. Finally, he gets one English word out . . . Others. Others!

Sawyer and Michael look up and see people silhouetted as they emerge from the tree line. They look sinister . . .



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