Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Plans . . . Revisited

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You are all wondering what my big digital plans for the summer are.

Well, you should already know about the first order of business. (#SummerHat13)

(And if you haven't yet voted, please do so. I'll be providing an update before next week that gives the results so far.)


My first thought for summer/digital fun was to live off of Entertainment Weekly's 99 Ways to Spend 99 Days list.

I thought it would be an intriguing way to keep people interested, by placing a scorecard against me and seeing how well I might do keeping up with things. But then I started reviewing the list. (That's right. I was going to subject myself to this without fully investigating the list contents. Can anyone say Soup for a Year?) And when I saw the list, I realized that it involved lots of recommendations to see movies that I'm probably not going to see, such as Day 1's recommendation to see Hangover III. So, if I am going to be out of compliance on Day 1, then it's just going to get depressing.

Moving on, then.

As of right now, I think I'll be doing some reading and book reviewing.First up? Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding. I'm only about 50 or so pages in at this point, but I'm already getting a strong A Prayer for Owen Meany vibe. If so, that is a good thing.

More to come . . .


Tracy Stephen Altman said...

Five words: video review. In a fez.

David said...

I don't think I see a problem with that.