Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Laid Back? Nope!

It's tough to learn things about yourself.
Earlier tonight I took Grace to her second softball game of the season. Unfortunately, Grace wasn't playing because her right arm is still healing from a procedure we had to undergo LAST Friday night. But hopefully she'll be able to play after the weekend of healing is finished.

Anyway, the game is nearing the end; its the bottom of the fifth inning; Grace's team is down by four. If they get the league maximum of five runs scored (since they are the home team for this game), they can win because it is already 8:15 and games aren't supposed to go past 8:30. And anyway, the clouds are moving in and the predicted rain is approaching.

Unfortunately, the Lions don't score. So I thought Grace would go home disappointed. But the umpire decides to let the final and sixth inning begin--even though the other team (the Cobras) already have the lead and the weather and the overall time limit and whatnot.

I get frustrated because it seems like it would only guarantee that Grace's Lion teammates will end up losing by a higher margin and they won't even get a chance to bat in the bottom of the sixth. And this is heightened by the fact that the other team is slow taking the field for defense when the Lions DO miraculously get their chance to bat in the bottom half of the sixth (and really final) inning. The Cobra defensive players get out on the field, but the pitcher just stands there while the coaches get the catchers gear on their team catcher.

Now, why isn't one of the three team coaches for the Cobra's not filling in for the catcher while the girl is getting her pads strapped on? And why must we wait for the pitcher to warm up when the catcher is finally ready, when something could have been done with an adult in the interim? And don't forget about the coming darkness, the time limit, the rain clouds, and did I just feel some rain drops? And why are we playing this sixth inning anyway?

I'm not chill enough to be involved in this. I can only be a (not entirely) silent spectator.

And yes, the Lions did lose. (But I think they'll improve when Grace can get on the field to help them.)

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