Thursday, February 10, 2011


  • My youngest daughter has only three letters in her first name: H - A -  and N. When combined together (excitingly . . . in EITHER direction!) that gives you Hannah.
  • Both I and my oldest daughter only have four letters in our first names. For me, they are D - A - V - and I. I get to repeat the initial consonent. For her, they are S - A - R - and H. And she repeats the only vowel.
  • For my wife and my middle daughter, they both have five unique letters that do not repeat  in their first names. L - Y - N - D - and A, then G - R - A - C - and E.
  • All of us share the letter A in our names.
  • The only other letters shared between individuals are:
    • H's in both Hannah's and Sarah's names. (Both of which are shared as terminal letters in the name.)
    • R's in both Grace's and Sarah's names. But no other commonalities between those names.
What does all this mean?

I have no idea . . . but I'd love to hear your theories on the matter.

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