Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rest in Peace (with your iPhone) Mr. Curtis

Last week famous actor Tony Curtis died.


Well, the news says that it was a result of cardiac arrest. Pretty cut and dried.

But we all know who really did it . . . and why. HE just could stand any other famous people in Hollywood using his initials to garner competing levels of fame. (Watch out Tom Cavanaugh!)

And the very recent new of Mr. Curtis being buried with his iPhone is additionally suspicious, don't you think? Maybe there were incriminating cell phone photos of the death that might have been difficult for Tom to deal with. Much better to get his own crack propaganda team to gin up the odd idea that Tony was such a fan of his iPhone that he could NEVER, EVER (even in the beyond!) be parted from it.

Seems implausible.

I hope you are paying attention Roger E. Mosley!

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