Sunday, October 17, 2010

I apologize for my looong absences . . .

. . . but work has really been getting in the way of my leisure time for the last many weeks.

I am, however, looking forward with great anticipation for my brother's upcoming wedding this next weekend and then my family vacation down to Walt Disney World and the Harry Potter theme park.

I will certainly be taking pictures, tweeting when I can, and maybe throwing together a blog post or two during this next several weeks. But I expect to be tired, frazzled, and quite, quite busy.

So you may have to wait a bit longer for me to catch up.


Yesterday the family went to Inniswoods Gardens and enjoyed a brief walk in the afternoon sunlight. The trees are quite beautiful right now (as was evidenced by the great many people here, there, and everywhere). Photographers, wedding parties, engaged couples, other families. Everyone wanted a piece of autumn to take home with them and we were no exceptions to that. Lynda took some very nice photos of all of us wandering around.

(Hopefully you can click on this photo to get to more photos from yesterday's jaunt.)

In other news, I think this thoughtfully written post between one of my favorite authors, Maureen Johnson, and her advice seeker is quite a nice birthday present, even though no one but me sees it as such.

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