Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday's Dream

As I mentioned on Twitter Saturday morning, I had a particularly odd dream Friday night. It was influenced by many things that I will try to tease out as I describe the events.

First, I was locked in a life and death struggle with a dragon. I was wearing a very fancy suit of protective armor and I weilded a blade (more on that odd bit of detail later) and had a shield.

My armor was more of the decorated leather variety--not the fancy, ceremonial plated suit stuff that jousters wear at medieval faires. It looked brownish and definitely had metal decorations on the shield. It was the shield that I remember moat, because I was frequently using it to shield myself from the dragon's flames.

I called the armor "mithril" in my tweet, referring to Tolkien's elvish armor. But it wasn't fine silver. I guess I used that word because the metal decorations stood out during the dream and it seemed lightweight.

The location of the battle was also noteworthy . . . my girl's bathroom. It was definitely a very confinded space, which is partly why I referenced Jason Bourne. In his movies, he's often engaged in confined hand-to-hand combat with an adversary. And that is what this dragon battle was like: me and it in very close proximity, with constant use of the shield to avoid flames.

All of this is pulling scenarios from my media explorations. And the feeling that it was a competition of sorts related to "The Hunger Games" book that I read the last two days. I'll speak about it mire in a separate post, but the book centers around a battle to the death set in a dystopic future. So I guess that somehow transformed into a Bourne-style dragon battle?

All of this might be odd enough, but what if I told you that the dragon didn't look like a dragon at all? What if the only thing that made me sense it as a dragon was a) the fire breathing and b) that peculiar bit of dream (il)logic that tells you things that seem contradictory? And finally, what if I told you that the (non)dragon looked just like . . . ME?!

So, here I am in the kids bathroom struggling to survive a battle with a dragonish David doppelgänger.

How did I survive?

In perhaps the most bizarre way possible. I used the only weapon I had with me. A small dagger-like knife. But it wasn't just any old knife. It was pink . . . and the pink handle had a Mattel Barbie logo emblazoned on it. But it was sharp and in such close quarters, the only way that I could slay the beast was to plunge the Barbie dagger into the wide open eyeball of the doppelganger. In doing this I confirmed the Barbie-ness of the blade, since I got (rather the victorious me) . . . got a very good look at the logo as it slid into the opponents eye.

Mercifully, that is when I woke up. It was a bit freaky, to be sure.

But . . . what can it mean? Why was the dragon me? Why the familiar location? Why the distinctly odd weapon of choice?

Was it some way of my subconscious worrying about me being surrounded by women, and somehow trying to keep hold of whatever is my particular brand of masculinity? Or was it simply too much pizza for dinner and the pressures of hosting a sleepover?

What do you think, friend? Chime in with your interpretations and suggested therapies.

-- Posted From My iPhone (so, I apologize in advance for any typos I missed)


Sven Golly said...

I love this dream. Can't wait for the animated short subject Oscar nomination. Or would you prefer a live-action version, in which you play both parts!

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