Friday, May 14, 2010


Sarah is having one of her friends over for a sleep-over tonight.

And that is why I am sitting alone in the other room, with the iTunes on shuffle, and a book at the ready. I'm trying to stay out of their way and give them their freedom of choice and fun. But I want to be close by to head off any fights or noises that are a bit . . . TOO loud. (But to be honest, the really loud noises and fights would likely originate from Grace, not Sarah and her friend.) Grace always wants to insert herself into the action and sometimes--like earlier tonight--she got into a couple of altercations during a board game the three of them were playing.

(I guess I can count myself lucky . . . a bit . . . that both of Sarah's invited friends were not able to come.)

ANYWAY . . . I am glad that Sarah is doing a good job of being social this year--as evidenced by the frequent sleep-overs here at our house and when she goes to other's houses. It does me good to see it.

What else can i say?

Funny, when I sat down to start writing this, I KNEW stuff that I was going to include in this post and it has just evaporated away in the last few minutes. Maybe it's the music? Maybe I can no longer concentrate on writing something while the music is competing for my attention? If that is so, then I am worried about my ability to read the book that is waiting.

I can tell you that I have a book review post that I need to write in the next few days before the book must be returned to the library. And I just started a new book that's been a long time coming on the library reserve list. But I won't mention the names of them here to help build the suspense.

I can also tell you that while I have seriously considered abandoning Facebook in the last few weeks, as the stories on the site's terrible (& every changing) privacy policy have mounted. But the reason that I am deciding to stay is equally terrible. It is the best way that I have to promote my inconsequential blog to the biggest number of people. And for what purpose? I am ashamed to admit it, but that is the truth . . . the horrible, narcissistic truth. (And you'll possibly learn all about it when I use the site to promote this post onto Facebook.)

Do I get an points for being kinda meta about it? (Yeah, I didn't think so.)

Well, since I failed to write anything coherent in this post, I should just shut it down before I reveal anything else terrible about myself.

I hope we all get a bit of sleep tonight.

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