Friday, December 04, 2009

Hannah sings the ABCs . . . sort of.

I might apologize for relying on a video for today's post. I might take it to heart that I haven't done much thoughtful blogging lately and I might decide to take some time tonight when the kids are watching a movie to reflect on the past week, consider what is good and what needs improving in my life, try to formulate cogent opinions on the important topics of the day.

I might do these things.

But it is a Friday night and I've had a busy, illness-filled week of late nights, crying babies, fevers, single parenting and what not.

(And, really, it's the what not that wears you out the most.)

So, yeah . . . tonight it's only a video.

(But it's a cute one, right?)


Nana Cheri said...

Keep them comming. This really is the best medicine, and I have been a little "down" today. Papa says he could watch this for hours.
Nana Cheri

Sven Golly said...

I especially liked "ABCDEF (spoonful of Grits)..." and cut to my all-time favorite "Elemenohpee."