Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another night, another video

Since my last post, which was heavily video-centric, was well received, why not tempt the fates again, keep playin' with what brought me, go back to the well, and other similar cliches and sayings?

So, tonight, I present Grace as she expounds on how Hannah reacts to Christmas. (How Grace knows this, since last Christmas Hannah was almost one-year-old and therefore not reacting to much of anything except warm formula . . . well, that is up to Grace to explain to you some other time. Personally, I think that Grace is suffering from what psychologists call transference.)

1 comment:

Nana Cheri said...

Love Hannah's on cue "scream. However, the jiggling of the camera (sorry Sarah) made me seasick! Steady as she goes, please :-)