Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Thursday, continued

Sorry to have to break this day's post into two pieces, but the ABC LOST Untangled video never fails to make my IE browser crash when I try to do anything to a post after I've inserted the HTML code.

(Kind of makes you wonder why I bother . . . knowing that this will happen EVERY week.)

Anyway, my first half of the day's thoughts can be found directly below this one. I left off wondering about the reality and authenticity of digitally-created spaces, musing on which of my various digital domains is the most accurate me and wondering if someone hits upon me somewhere else, will they wish to or try to follow the breadcrumbs back to HERE, the mothership, the place I really want everyone to be anyway.

And, if here is where I want everyone to be, should I even be messing about with the other things? Does it divert the effort, dilute the quality? Is it even effective as a digital net, thrown wider into different parts of the river?


In other thoughts you didn't care about, I find that I rather enjoy watching Brotherhood 2.0 on my iPhone. It works surprisingly well and seems almost to be the most appropriate space in which to watch.

You're welcome.


Later still (almost 3 pm)

Parenting is sometimes very odd. It presents you with strange tasks that you simply aren't equipped to deal with.

For example, when your sick daughter is facing the request to swallow fever-reducing pills . . . and she complains that she doesn't like the taste . . . but you get her to take them anyway . . . and then she proceeds to bite into them (guaranteeing the bitter taste she says she doesn't like) . . . and you caution her against doing that with pill no. 2 . . . but she says that she doesn't know how to swallow them with water UNLESS she crunches them up (??!!!) . . . well, what do you do?

How do you teach her to swallow?

(Here is where I pause to say that I am thankful that I don't have a special needs child where these very tasks that I am perplexed by are the everyday currency of raising such a child . . . so, I should just shut up.)

But, how do you conceptualize the idea of swallowing? Isn't that almost an autonomic function? And the pills aren't horse-pill size, so what is going on here?

So, she crunches, makes a face, and then takes forever to grind up the bits and swallow the chalky stuff down with more water. And I just want to say . . . wash the next one down whole with one swig of water. But, it doesn't work?



One more video-based entry to come later today and then this day's posting is finished.

. . . wait for it . . .

And here it is (as of 4:30 pm).

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