Monday, March 09, 2009

Kid's knowledge

I've seen many different pieces of art at my kid's daycare recently and have usually forgotten to snap pictures of it for later review and discussion.

For instance, in mid-January, artwork similar to that seen above was done for Martin Luther King, Jr. and while I don't have complete recall on what the kids said, you can guess from the example I show above, the kids are typically blunt and fact-challenged in their statements. (Imagine stuff like "Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot" and stuff like that. The stuff I saw was funnier.)

But I liked this one, where the kid believes the planet rotates at the awesome speed of 20 miles per hour. Clearly, their concept of speed is limited or they might realize that their every day car that takes them from their house to daycare every day is (in fact) a time machine, capable of out speeding the Earth's rotation and transporting them into next week (or last week?) as they drive down the road faster than the planet itself spins around the Sun.

I'm sure there is a LOST reference here . . . but I'll just leave it there.

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